First, a Peony - a softly pink, coconut sweet cocktail - while I waited for the women to arrive.

Second, talking talking talking with news of a joyous pregnancy and a French vacation and a job offer and a new marriage and all the other things that bubble to the surface when our group of 7 sit down anywhere.

Third, really really tasty Indian brunch.

Fourth, 2 hours of Julia eating, traveling, loving, losing, praying, glowing, laughing, meditating and finding. The movie was delightful and real - as real as a 2.5 hour Hollywood film can be about a woman who moves through pain and loss to find herself. No it was not the book - it couldn't be but it was lovely reminder on a Sunday afternoon, with my favorite lady friends, to walk my path, speak my truth and somehow return to Bali as soon as I can. I left wondering why we had ever left Ubud in the first place.

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