Be inspired.

image from She... by Kobi Yamada

I have been thinking a lot about being inspired lately. You know, the kind of being inspired that rips you out of bed in the morning and keeps you up at night with wild adrenaline. Yes, that kind.

Yesterday morning, I woke up well rested before the sky had fully awakened. Not just well rested, but alert and excited, almost jittery with potential. And I have no idea why. My husband was still asleep, the nugget was still asleep - the neighborhood was still asleep - it was Sunday morning for crying out loud. And do you know what I did? I sort of got my self presentable, put on my rain jacket and went outside. And then, I pruned our lemon tree. And then I got the brilliant idea to use the dried out oak tree branches laying next to the lemon tree for our entry way Halloween decoration. And then...

Well, the rest of the day just kept riding that wave. The Halloween decorating is done and I am completely happy with the results, on the first try no less. Even in our first heavy rain showers and a soggy wet Waldorf school festival, I was inspired. I even introduced myself a few times with "I write this blog about..."

And then this morning, I woke up: tired and uninspired and twitchy eyed.

What the hell?

I don't know what I did or didn't do to wake up the way that I did on Sunday morning. And I don't know what I did to wake up the way that I did today. I suppose my practice is to not get attached to either one - but to respect both as part of life. My life.

For now, I will remind myself of what in fact inspires me, so the next time I wake up tired and twitchy eyed, which could possibly be tomorrow, I have something to reference:

new uses for old things : natural curiosities : authenticity : children who build boats out of Styrofoam and string : Waldorf education's innate ability to truly capture childhood creativity and foster its development : simple abundance : making something out of nothing : real farmer’s markets : a good use of space : groups of women working together : travel : young people who are fearless : my nugget who is mimicking everything that I do

So what and who inspires you?

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