It's universal

The conversation went something like this:

"Hi, hello, nice to see you!"

"Yes, hi. How are you?"

"Fine. We're on our way to to visit a kindergarden."

"Oh yes, I am on way to pick up Max at the kindergarden here in Oberkassel."

"Really? We tried to get in there but it was full. And now we can't find one that is close to our house."

"Oh, but there are two families leaving. One is headed to Switzerland and the other to Munich...I will tell them you are interested and...."

And so it went. You can fill in the rest. And though I simplified it for translation purposes, you get the idea. Seems there is no room in kindergarden in Oberkassel and San Francisco. I felt right at home as overheard these two moms talking, while I waited for the S-bahn today. Frustration and a bit of worry lay below the surface of their words and I wondered if this is simply the newest topic amongst moms everywhere.

Universal motherhood indeed.

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