Everyday, I am inspired by the strength, determination, resiliency, vulnerability and creativity that women in my life show me. So Julia -buy the land and make it home - The Lady Farm is waiting to happen.

I am not alone in wanting more opportunities to gather and learn from other women. I have attended women in business conferences, am part of an outrageously splendid women's circle and think every women should read The Red Tent and dream of a day when we can learn from our elders and be in community with other women.

So I think it is also important to remind ourselves of the pioneers who have gone before us - the women who are breaking the molds, accepting themselves as they are and perhaps making it easier for us to accept the divine and authentic parts of ourselves.

I have a list of women who consistently inspire me...both creatively and personally. That is why every Friday, I pick one woman - famous or not - who knows her self and from afar, helps me to know myself better.

These images are my "inspiring women" mood board - a part of my inspiration wall that I see everyday. They remind me to smile and accept the fact that I love beautiful things.

What and who inspires you?

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