{emptying your mailbox - the old fashioned one}

8Ever wonder how all these magazines appear in your mailbox that you never signed up for? All it takes it ordering from one catalog once and then it all starts - one catalog after another based on your spending habits and assumed demographic.

Since I have narrowed down my favorites to a few (and I can access the latest and greatest online) I have canceled all of the catalogs that come to our house and have taken the next step to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail that arrives as well, including pre-approved credit card offers. You can of course recycle all this spam mail when it arrives, but wouldn't it be much nicer to not receive it in the first place?




It's easy and takes only a few moments at your computer. Follow the links below to remove your name from the database of "sent spam" and start de-cluttering your entry way table today.

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