{me. modern dinosaur}

It's official.

I'm a dinosaur.

I write and send thank-you notes, use a fountain pen, think my cell phone is for my convenience - not yours, can't part with my mixed tapes, prefer movies that were made before the special effects revolution, think that we should have never stopped fighting with swords, had a walkman until two years ago, love the music quality of LP's, believe that life in the time of Jane Austen is worth striving for, prefer gifts that are hand-made, can't figure out why someone sends me a text message instead of calling me, miss picking up photos from Wahlgreens, believe that Prince Charmings do exist and at 33, already find myself saying "When I was little.."

I never thought of myself this way, until my friend Kelly came over last night and after hours of delightful conversation we realized that we indeed shared this same state. She had just stumbled onto "Say Anything" on television, and of course had to watch. Her thought once it had finished: "The days of boom-boxes outside your window are just over."

But I can't accept that. Maybe the boom-boxes just look a little different.

Being on a path of self-acceptance, I figure I need to accept the dinosaur part of myself and even see it as a delightful way of living a simple and happy life. And, I love my itunes, have figured out this blog thing, love our projector and watching movies on our living room wall, applaud cities with highly evolved public transporation systems, am teaching myself Illustrator, have even played around with HTML and love how the Internet has given people community and a voice, even if it's a virtual one.

So, I'm a modern dinosaur - a description that Kelly and I can both live with.

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Kelly Bjorklund said...

Oh, Alex. You are so cute. I love this. *Love* it.

I wanted to call you on Friday to tell you that Dixie Chicks WIDE OPEN SPACES was in my head all day. I think we should plan a vacation involving large front porches, a summer breeze and mint juleps. What do you think? Check with Patrick...

I would also like to add ice makers to my list of modern conveniences that I appreciate. Even though I don't have one. Also my hybrid car.

And the fact that you can do something like this! I love your blog; I think it is spot on. And just really glad to know that that cold, rainy day having soup in Yosemite has managed to inspire this. Who knew?

I am so happy to know you and in the age of being a modern dinosaur, I will have you know that I would love to read your blog. Alongside Pride and Prejudice ;)

Congratulations, M.D. (my fellow modern dinosaur).


ps- I have always been so thrilled that you will join me whenever Madonna comes on, but hearing your story of seeing her making you feel like you were 10 again, I totally get it. I am so nostalgic for the 80s right now. I may have to go listen to Peter Gabriel and think about Say Anything.